“If I ever let you down, it’s not because I don’t love you. It’s because I don’t love myself.”
William Chapman (via princessgeorgina)
“There’s a whole other person hiding inside my cells.”
Ulimate Human Volume 1-4 (via bettybannersciencechick)
“It is so much safer not to feel, not to let the world touch me.”
Sylvia Plath   (via alecwiens)
“Have you beheld the fevers?
This is the collapse of the mind,
which has, in the cloudy silence of the heart,
proceeded to the lost depths of things,
to the opacity of the night,
In which the absence of visions
Becomes the culminating point of glance.”
Deathspell Omega; Have you beheld the fevers? (via ivysuicide)
“We behold thee, and a haze,
Prometheus, dims our eyes,
Of awe and of many tears for thee,
When we look at thee on this rock and see
Thy body parched by hot rays
And fettered with iron in shameful chains.
But now in Olympus a new lord reigns,
And Zeus kings in lawless guise,
By laws that are wondrously changed of late,
And those who were great
In the ancient days meet a pitiful fate.”
AESCHYLUS, Prometheus Bound

When a man dwells in his mind on the object of sense, attachment to them is produced. From attachment springs desire and from desire comes anger.

From anger arises bewilderment, from bewilderment loss of memory; and from loss of memory, the destruction of intelligence and from the destruction of intelligence he perishes.

Karma Yoga, The Gita (via gammapulsed)
“If only our tongues were made of glass- how much more careful we would be when we speak.”
“He’s in India, where there’s so much suffering around him that it’s just impossible to get angry at anything in life because he’s afraid, he doesn’t want to turn into the Hulk. During that time, he’s also beginning to think that integration is the answer: instead of running away from it, turning towards it. As you get older - and this is just where I’m coming from as a 43-year-old man - you start to know what your limitations are, but you are also aware of your capabilities. then you come to accept those things. And because you can accept those things, you’re actually able to use them in a much more efficient way. And so Joss and I sort of riffed on that idea: that this is the next, 43-year-old version of Bruce Banner - who’s more mature, who’s done plenty of suffering and soul-searching in this dilemma that he finally has to say, ‘OK, this is what it is, and how am I going to figure out a way to live my life with it?’ And so there’s this kind of iconic world-weariness and playfulness that we see in Bruce Banner.”
Mark Ruffalo (The Art of Marvel’s The Avengers)
“I promise to plant kisses like seeds on your body, so in time you can grow to love yourself as I love you.”
Tyler Knott Gregson (via nepenthe—pareidolia)

A Single Man


A Single Man